Preparation and Planning to Succeed

Having a plan to do anything is a good thing.  While some people are surprised with a sudden employment transfer, most of my clients in the past 15 years have time to prepare.  They know they want a larger home, smaller home, different schools, an easier commute, etc.

Taking time for us to meet, talk and review you and your home's readiness to go on the market a couple of months ahead of time, pays off financially for you. 

Are there some things that you want or need to get done?   Are you wondering what things pay you back the most?  Click Here

Need more reasons to get ready?  The interest rates, one of two things that help buyers purchase your home, are still great, but will they be raised once, twice or three times in the next twelve months?

The 2017 tax reform bill is likely to pass through Congress in some form soon.  the National Association of Realtors suggests home value downward pressure could be 10% or more next year.  CLICK for WP Article

So please call, text or email me and let's create a plan for you in 2018.