3 Reasons You Want to Speak with a Lender

1.  You want to have the lender review your credit reports and provide advice, which is frequently needed, for the things you might consider doing which would raise your credit score and lower your mortgage interest rate.

2.  You want a lender to offer you ALL of your options - not just FHA, VA, VHDA, and conventional loan products.  Some have private mortgage insurance premiums that you would pay with your mortgage and some do not. 

3.  You want to feel comfortable with the type of loan, any down payment and closing expenses when you buy along with the monthly payment comfort zone for you.

Everyone's Circumstances Are Different 

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3 Reasons I Want You to Speak with a Lender

1.  To make sure you are comfortable and capable of purchasing the type of home and price range you want to shop.  For instance, buying a condo will reduce your top of your range buying compared to buying a (fee simple) townhouse or single family home.

2.  To get a letter from a lender which we will give to a seller along with your written contract offer.  When you find the home you want to buy, you may not have the luxury of waiting a day or two for loan approval.  Your "dream home" may get sold before the seller will look at your offer if you aren't prepared.

3.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people with things on their credit reports that either aren't their debts, (and you will spend a couple of months or more getting the item removed before you can proceed), or there are items which you need to "fix."  Even if you could continue with the blemishes, your interest rate may be higher because of them so you get them corrected.