What to do 1st?

Please, as your first step, even if you don't call me, print out the 1 page HERE.

You'll have 4 of my business cards and you can present it to the salesperson at each new home site to begin your protection.  Remember, that person is a sales person WORKING ONLY FOR THE BUILDER!

What to do 2nd?

If you have the time, let me know what you might be looking for -- garage townhome, single family home, estate home, close in or far out there with acreage, etc.  Chances are I can give you an idea of the prices at some of the developments, perhaps floorplans, elevations, etc.  I would be happy to recommend builders and developments.

Remember, please:

Builders are legally not allowed to give you a real estate commission unless you are a licensed Virginia Broker.  They do not discount the sales price because you came in without a Realtor.  All good builders know the value Realtors bring to the transaction from beginning to end and they encourage us to preview their sites and let us know when they have quick deliveries, sales incentives, and close-outs. 

In Conclusion, the Purchase Price is Only 1/3 of Your Objective

The purchase price is important, but it is only 1/3 of what you should be considering when you go out looking at new homes.  Please talk to me about your plans, in advance, so we can have you prepared for the other important objectives. 



New Homes Buyer Representation

The builders have their sales people working in the model homes representing the builder with the objective of selling you. As a potential buyer, my purpose is to represent you, help with advice and negotiate on your behalf, and work with you all of the way to your move. What's more?

Thinking of Looking at New Construction?