Buying a Home During a Northern Virginia Winter

Being someone who grew up in the Capital District of New York, I happily can say that winter generally starts 3-4 weeks later and ends 3-4 weeks later than in my hometown!  But, we still get some pretty cold days and nights and see seasons with just a few inches of snow and storms of 18" on occasion.

So why would anyone want to buy a home during January or February?  Here's my basic list:

1.  You need to buy because you are relocating here, or you have been renting and your landlord plans to sell. 

2.  You just got married and your new spouse doesn't want to live in your studio apartment.

3.  You are merging two families and you need a place with more bedrooms.

OK, there are others like,

4.  Conducting a home search during the winter you are facing less competition with other buyers meaning you may not have a bidding situation could end up paying less.

5.  For buyers utilizing zero or low down payments, sellers may accept your contract offer more readily.

6.  Interest rates are still low and future rates are unpredictable.

7.  Transaction support people like lenders, home inspectors, etc. are more readily available to assist because they have few transactions in the works.  And yes, even my schedule is more flexible these months.

So, this is a good time for us to start talking.  Perhaps connect you with a lender to discuss loan possibilities and perhaps you'll be moving into your new home as winter is ending and your friends are just getting started!

Please call or text me at:  703-220-0406   ...  or email me.   You have nothing to lose and probably a lot to gain!