The Boomerang Kids Came Home

... and Now are Beginning to Buy Homes

For mostly financial reasons, the grown "kids" came home a few years ago and they have been getting established in their careers and are now starting to buy homes of their own.  Someone named these grown children who return home for a period, Boomerang Kids

In the Wall Street Journal on October 22, 2012 an article on Boomerang Kids that I was interviewed for background information but not quoted, was published.  Click here to read the WSJ article.

Take a look at this chart from Bloomberg Businessweek May 12, 2011.

The entire Bloomberg Businessweek article, Kids Moving Out Are a Boon to the Economy is an interesting read and here's a link to it.  CLICK

With the housing prices as attractive as they are combined with historically low fixed rate mortgages, this is a great time for considering the idea of buying a home.  If you are feeling good about your prospects for continued employment, believe you will be staying in this area for at least a few more years, let's talk about the pros and cons of buying.

We can discuss gift funds, low and no money down loans, seller-paid closing costs, and all of the options available to you at a time when prices are still attractive and interest rates are low enough to keep your monthly costs down.  There are different loans meant for Veterans, first-time buyers, options for no down payment, seller paid closing costs and many more options.  We can discuss them all.



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