Fixing Up/Renovations Before Selling?

Homes sell faster and at higher prices is there are fixed up before going on the real estate market.

A.  Some people can paint, replace carpet, and even update the master bath and kitchen in order to market their home for sale.

B  Still others have no equity to speak of, own a home requiring repairs before going on the market with me.

C.  And perhaps you have equity in your home; you know that some updates would help you sell for much more; but want contractors to accept payment at settlement.

On this C choice, read on.  (You can call me to discuss A and B)

I work with a totally independent company which will come to your home with me, do a preliminary report.  Then, within a couple days do some photography in 3D making it possible to generate a further proposal for updates of the areas needed.

By the 5th business day, they will make a presentation to you and me on the work they propose, the total costs, and even at this time, you owe nothing for the proposal and can decide not to move forward.

This option is only for people who list with me and not for folks just simply interested renovating and staying.  Sellers average at least a settlement price of at least 150% of their original list price plan before improvements and thereby walk away with a higher "profit."

Contact David at 703-220-0406 and we'll talk about how this could be perfect for your plans.