Are you volunteering at a school, community organization, or charity here in Northern Virginia that needs additional volunteers?  If so, I am offering work along side of you the next time you are donating your time and effort.  If it is collecting cans of food, delivering meals, painting walls, or something else that you think I could do and needs doing, please let me know. 

This will give you a chance to double your contribution of time and effort to a cause that's important to you.  It will give me an opportunity to see what's important to you and perhaps learn about an organization I didn't even know is out there quiety doing great things.  So please just give me a little advance notice plus an idea of what I will be doing to help your charity, by completing the form below.  I look forward to working with you and know that even if it is small, we can make a difference.

Call or text me at 703-220-0406 or drop me an email at

Lending a Hand With You

I'm offering to volunteer a few hours, or a whole day, performing a service with you for your favorite charity in Northern Virginia. Whether it is collecting canned food, delivering meals, painting walls, cleaning up a stream bed, reading to those who can't, or something else you find important, I will spend the time working with you. Please complete the basic information below. I'll get back to you quickly and we'll "double your effort."

Request for David to Volunteer with Me