Considering a Brand New Home?

In Northern Virginia there are three types of new homes.  New Developments where a builder has set up first a trailer, then model homes and a set georgraphical area is getting new homes.

The second choice is in-fill.  A builder gets a piece of land, goes through the processes and government zoning approval, and builds 2-12 homes typically on the piece of land and they may be located in an area with older homes, but typically closer in to Washington, DC

The third choice are homes that totally replace an older home on a lot or the old home's basement or main level are kept and a new home is built on top.  Frequently this choice is the one of people who already own and live in a home and don't really want to move -- but want new home space, features and benefits.

Why Have Representation?

Builders have sales people and they work for the builder, no matter how nice they are to you.  Their objective is to sell homes for the greatest profit to the builder. 

Before you go into the sales office and "sign in," my recommendation is that you me a call and we will go in together.  This may be the only time in your life you "buy new," but this is something I am there for many times a year.  I am also familiar with the other builders and developments in the area to help you compare.

At the very least, be aware that all building lots are not created equal and "premium lot" to you and the builder may be different.  You are likely to sell this home some day and the neighborhood will grow around you and either add value or take value away from your property.

Builders add and subtract the things they "throw into the deal" depending on how sales are going.  Wouldn't it help you if you knew what other people's deals were?

Builders like to package into the deals the lender and the title company.  Maybe it makes for a good deal and maybe it just sounds good when they say things like, "free finished basement."

So before you go and especially before you sign in, call me and you'll end up at the very least, with a level planning field!


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