"We Would Like to Rent For Now"

Renting may be the right choice for you at this time and I am happy that you have come to me for assistance. Generally, leases are for a minimum of 12 months, but if you are interestedc in a shorter term -- or perhaps a longer term -- please let me know.

Some owners have restrictions regarding smoking in the home or on allowing pets. If you are a smoker, please keep this potential restriction in mind.  If you have one or more dogs or cats, please let me know up front along with the ages, breeds and weights.

More applications are completed with three primary items reviewed.  First, your credit will  be run to ensure that you have a good history handling your bills.  Your current and perhaps previous employer(s) will be contacted to verify to job, your pay rate, employment start date and to verify you are expected to remain employed there.  You current and perhaps previous landlord(s) will be contacted to verify your rental history making sure that your rent payments were on time and that the landlord would, "rent to you again."

Click here if you are interested in a RENTAL APPLICATION for COLDWELL BANKER LISTINGS and submit both pages.  To speed the process, providing pay stubs expedite verifications unless you are self-employed where other items noted on the application (page 2) are required.

If, instead of providing your $50 per adult application fee with a certified check made out to Coldwell Banker, you can complete the credit card application fee form by clicking and printing the form here.





Looking to Rent

If you would like me to help you with your rental home search I will need to ask a few questions. I can then set up a search for you that will narrow down you search to those that meet your criteria. I will assume you are interested in renting for a minimum of 1 year unless you state otherwise.