Background for Buyer Representation

Real estate for me is a business and one where I have responsibilities to my clients defined, in part, by State law in Virginia.  Sellers are nearly always represented by a professional real estate sales person, but only those buyers who chose to be represented by an agent, are represented.  When an agent represents the buyer, the agent owes all duties to the buyer, not the seller.

New Home Sales

As a full-time Realtor, I regularly review the new home developments and pay particular attention to the benefits of each one.  It's not just the models.  Types of homes, layout of the neighborhoods, location of the neighborhoods on the master plans, future development, sales progress moving through the project, and more.

ALL new homes look nice and ALL models are meant to sell you.  Sell you on the house first, then the upgrades, possibly packages, loan financing, and closing.  You won't visit more than 1 sales office before they will be bundling the deal together and instead of how much you're spending they'll have you talking about how much you're saving.

Just because a lot is marked premium or carries a premium price doesn't mean that you'll agree with them with everything is built.

Lot selection.  Understand that legally the seller only needs to talk about what is inside your property lines and when you are buying a lot in a new home development, the things inside the development.  As your agent, I can help you examine what is beyond your borders ... or what is planned for your line of sight.

Exteriors.  Your front elevation will matter to you as a resident and to the people considering buying your home someday.  Now, what about the sides and rear elevations? 

Upgrades.  What are the popular upgrades this year?  Which ones might be popular in 3, 5 or 7 years?  Which things will need replacing because they wear out?  Warranties, extended warranties, and servicing.

Flooring.  What looks nice?  What wears well for your family and lifestyle?  Transitions from floor to floor or room to room? 

How about energy efficiency?  How important are utility bills?  Do you love a cool home in the summer and a warm home in the winter and what affect will high ceilings, great rooms, and open spaces have on your bill?  Is it propane, electric, or natural gas?

Location to the things you enjoy.  Surely you are thinking about your commutes to work, but what about the other things important to you?  Theatres, restaurants, golf courses, houses of worship, etc.  And what about those walks?  Through the neighborhood, pathways, around water features, or to the coffee shop for coffee and the Sunday paper?

The Artful Negotiator

It comes down to this.  You have read my notes above and you have told yourself that you can meet with the sales staff and get a deal.  Really?  If you knew that even though you hire me to represent you, I am paid by the seller and if they don't pay me, the commission is gone (NO, by law it cannot be paid to the buyer), would you still feel the same way?

My hope is that you will see that you're an expert in your line of work, but there is an advantage having a full-time, experienced Realtor sitting beside you, working to help you, it will be worth it to you in the short run and the long term.

So let's talk.