Second Homes -- Vacation Homes -- Future Retirement Location

Vacation Destinations:   Having a place to "get away to" is something I understand and mine is on a lake, but whether you are considering the possibility of ocean front, lakeshore or a mountain retreat, I am able to help.  It's not that I am the expert in each of those locations, but I can provide you referral to agents who know those markets and I will be in your corner making sure everything goes smoothly.  

Vacation Destination Now - Place You Want to Retire to Later:  This is something a lot of people start thinking about.  Will a 1031 Exchange make sense?  Sell an investment property in Fairfax, VA and put the proceeds into the home in North Carolina that will be an investment property this year and possibility your retirement home down the road?

A Condo Near Work:  Do you need to spend nights every week at an office or business that is more than comfortable commute home each night.  Whether this property needs to be in Washington, DC area or somewhere else across the Country, let's talk.

Time Shares -- David Houghtaling doesn't handle time shares, but if you need to sell a time share, I can refer you to someone who can assist you.  Email me

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