As a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist, I have training and experience working with seniors and your interests or concerns.  Seniors generally have a major portion of their personal net worth in their homes and protecting that is paramount.  Sometimes selling isn't the best thing.  Sometimes it is.  Decisions about how, when and where might you move, are ones that I'll help you get the information you'll need to make those decisions.

In most cases, you're not ready to make the decision now about selling and moving.  That's fine.  Let me know what I can help you with.

Services Available for Seniors and Their Families

Consultation and review of current and long-term planning with a timeline for real estate

Evaluation of property condition and market value

Review of necessary repairs and a review of potential improvements and the benefits that can be achieved

Assistance with selecting contractors to perform the work based on budget and return on investment

Aging-in-place discussion of resources available that may make this a viable option and advice on changes that may be necessary

o If selling is an option, is selling the property “as is” the best decision for you and if not, assistance with the process of making repairs

Offer of recommendations of service providers including estate and personal property organizers, assisting seniors and their families with “going through a lifetime” of items which may lead to deciding what to keep, what to give away, sell and donate

o Assistance with evaluating choices of where to move and when

o When the time is right, marketing and selling your home in order to provide you with the greatest return and resources for the future

For Seniors and their Families

Many seniors have lived in their homes for many years and the process of moving involves planning. To begin the conversation, evaluation and my ability to provide advice, please contact me.

Seniors and Families